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By Andrew H. Wright

FIRST PRINTING.1983 college of Chicago Press Hardcover. Andrew Wright, literary analyst of Jane Austen, Henry Fielding & William Blake, takes on Anthony Trollope, writer of the Palliser novels and The Chronicles of Barsetshire.

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The Chronicles of Barsetshire 41 Our doctrine is, that the author and the reader should move along together in full confidence with each other. Let the personages of the drama undergo ever so complete a comedy of errors among themselves, let the spectator never mistake the Syracusan for the Ephesian; otherwise he is one of the dupes, and the part of a dupe is never dignified. Barchester Towers, p. 130 On this passage W. P. Ker is wise. This confidence,' he says, 'does not mean that the spectator knows all the story beforehand.

42). It is in this atmosphere that Dr Grantly visits the hospital and addresses the bedesmen. much against the wishes of Mr Harding. This is a great and comic scene in The Warden; and a sentence uttered by the narrator about Dr Grantly's feelings on this occasion perfectly represents the status of religion in the book. 'Dr. Grantly,' the narrator tells us. 'did not believe in the Gospel with more assurance than he did in the sacred justice of all ecclesiastical revenues' (p. 52). To be sure. the whole ofthe plot is worked out in worldly terms.

Hugh Sykes Davies remarks that Trollope 'became a writer, not because of his need for money, but because of his talent for imaginative day-dreams. 12). And Trollope has already shown, very movingly, what is involved in the first instance in authorship: the imaginative thrust and imaginative work that precedes the actual labour of writing. No one, not even Trollope, has ever suggested that a cobbler walks the fields with his head full of possible and impossible boots - and Trollope has demonstrated that much of the real work of a writer comes before the settling of himself down at the writing table.

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