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Listed below are the $64000 and influential writings of a Christian mystic and early father of the Church. Origen (c. 185-254) used to be born in Alexandria and lived during the turbulent years in the course of the cave in of the Roman Empire.

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XXVIII. We can also learn from this what martyrdom is like and how much confidence toward God it produces. Since a saint is generous and wishes to respond to the benefits that pave overtaken him from God, he searches out what he can do for the Lord in return for everything he has obtained from Him. And he finds that nothing else can be given to God from a person of high purpose that will so balance His benefits as perfection in martyrdom. " (Ps. 116:12). And a reference to his solution of the perplexity about what he 59 ORIGEN AN EXHORTATION TO MARTYRDOM should give back to the Lord for everything he has received from Him may be found in the words, "I will take the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord" (Ps.

96:5, 1 Chron. 16:26). What a state the person is in who has deserted the easy yoke and the light burden of Christ (Mt. 11:30) to subject himself once again to the yoke of demons and to bear the burden of the heaviest sin! How can this be after we have known that the heart of those who worship idols is ashes (cf. Wis. 15:10) and their life more worthless than clay (cf. Jer. 16:19) and after we have said, "Our fathers possessed false idols, and none of them can bring rain"? Ger. 14:22). XXXIII. It was not just of old that Nebuchadnezzar's image of gold was set up, nor only then that he threatened Ananias, Azarias, and Misael that he would throw them into the burning fiery furnace unless they worshiped it (cf.

9:13, 10:4; Ps. 50:13), so also the souls of those who have been beheaded for their witness to Jesus (Rev. 20:4, 6:9) do not serve the heavenly altar in vain and minister forgiveness of sins to those who pray. At the same time we also know that just as the High Priest Jesus the Christ offered Himself as a sacrifice (cf. Heb. 5:1, 7:27, 8:3, 10:12), so also the priests of whom He is High Priest offer themselves as a sacrifice. This is why they are seen near the altar as near their own place. Moreover, blameless priests served the Godhead by offering blameless sacrifices, while those who were blemished and offered blemished sacrifices and whom Moses described in Leviticus were separated from the altar (Lev.

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