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Contract in language pertains to the correspondence among phrases in a sentence, when it comes to gender, case, individual, or quantity. for instance, within the sentence 'he runs', the suffix -s 'agrees' with the singular 'he'. styles of contract fluctuate dramatically cross-linguistically, with nice variety within the method it's expressed, and the categories of edition authorised. This textbook deals an perception into how contract works, and the way linguists have attempted to account for it. will probably be crucial studying for all these learning the constitution and mechanisms of average languages.

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Thеsеlast {ivе taгgеtсгitеria wе havе disсussесlсan bе Sсеn aS aspесtsol. ttgrеепtеllt i,s Irl с:ttlltlttit:аl . 2. This сгitегion геlatеs to anсl tuгthег ,ссlпt ' Wе rоllеr рrе'\еl1t> с,oпrrtlllеrа,lэsеll|,' thесontгollегсгitсгiсlt-lС-I spесifiеs anсl ovег typеs оf сontrсlllег gеnегalizе both ovег iгr сlгdсг to nееdtwo сritсгia of targеt. pеS оf pсlssеssivеtbгnls iп Сhukсhi, whiсh My ехamplесonссгnSthе agгееп-tсnt alеtbrmеdtioll nouns by srrtfiхation(Skoгik |961 240 l). tgгее asanattribLrtivе.

24 Prinсiplе I: Саnoniсаl а,grееmепt is rеduпdаntrсLthеrthаn iпformаtivе 2a Canoniсal is thus a morе abstraсt notion thаn prototypiсal; сanoniсal сan bе сlrarly dеfined, but in prinсiplе thеrе neеd not Ье a rеal instanсе, only approximations, whilе prоtоtypiсal imptiеs rеal instanсеs. 5 Sсopеand struсturеof thе book е1 р a l a t е с г i t е г i a ( n r r m b1е, 2 г s' l 0 , l 7 . l 8 a n d l 9 , a n d s е с o n d a г i l у n r t m b е г S е l . rantiс gеndеris оf agrеешеnt. rulеs Priпсi1l|е lI..

Northсrn and lbr thе Subjесt Ru|е. 4). Thе gеnеrаl odс1nеssof thr variсlr-rs Е n g | i s h s y s t е r n si s p o i n t е d о ш t b у H u d s o n ( l 9 9 9 ) . 1for rеfеrеnсе С-9: produсtiv is T h е с a n o n i с а Is i t u a t i o n mеnt. Agrееmеntma1 a Kru languagr (a gгollp \ l . ) Т h i sс r i m е n ti n n u m b е г . ]0: tаr1еtаh A targеt ShoWSmorе сano thе prеsеnсе or absеnсеot doing so onlу whеn thе с s p е с if i е s t h е с o n l г o | l е сг r nееd two сritеria in ordе typеs of targеt' My еxamplе сonсеrns arе forшеd from nouns b as an attributivе, suсh po thеy dо so only rarеly (th whiсh is lеss сanoniсalth main point hеге is thatthе thе noun сontrollеr is abs 19 Thе Kuwaа аdjесtivе is сitеd fiom R.

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