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Beria, or We find, weapons occur in older burials, when they begin to been developed in bronze only We cannot implements bronze and and that iron objects, appear, assume shapes which had that further, in later times. assume, however, that a bronze age was universal or even developed at the widely separated countries. try same time in Each continent or coun- shows wide variations. where In northern Europe, has been carefully studied, bronze ap- this age C, and its use for arms and armor was continued well into the time of the Roman peared about 2000 B.

Here, too, Inaba. On is of numerous examples the Miochin family of armorare the horse-equipment of a prince of either side of this are corselets, helmets, and detached pieces of armor. On the walls are pole- and banners, including (in a frame) the war banner of Prince Date Masamune of Sendai (died 1636). At the south end of this gallery are cases of swords and sword-guards, arms, surcoats, bows, quivers, and helmets. The latest objects in the Japanese military equipment here shown date to about the time of the overthrow of the Shogunate in fire-arms, 1868.

And it was suffi- Few, indeed, realize to- day how hard copper may be made. It cannot be "tempered" like steel, but if hammered, its fibre becomes compact, so that a bit of soft copper may be pounded into a point which will penetrate almost as well as iron. I recall seeing the first director of this Museum demonstrate the hardness of a Cypriote was nearly pure copper) by driving it into the oak floor of the gallery— the point when drawn out was found almost uninjured. But lance-blade (which BRONZE AGE AND CLASSICAL ANTIQUITY 24 the hardening of copper was mainly due to alloys.

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