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By R. Troc, W. Suski (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.)

Volume 19 of crew III (Crystal and reliable country Physics) offers with the magnetic houses of metals, alloys and steel compounds. the quantity of data on hand during this box is so vast that quantity III/19 needed to be break up into numerous subvolumes. Subvolumes III/19a via III/19f deal with the intrinsic magnetic homes, i.e. these houses which count basically at the chemical composition and the crystal constitution. thus far, subvolumes III/19a, III/19b, III/19c, III/19d2, III/19e1, and III/19e2 have seemed; III/19d1 will keep on with almost immediately. Subvolume III/19f covers the magnetic houses of actinide components and their compounds. the current half 1 is worried with the actinide components and their compounds with 3d, 4d and 5d-elements. half 2 (compounds with major crew elements), that is due within the close to destiny, additionally incorporates a finished index of drugs for volumes III/19a ... III/19f. facts at the homes that depend upon the practise of the samples measured, as for example, skinny movies, amorphous alloys or the magnetic alloys utilized in technical purposes, are compiled within the final subvolumes of III/19, viz. III/19g, III/19h and III/19i, of which III/19g and III/19h have already been published.

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Specific magnetic susceptibility xg of highpurity polycrystalline a-uranium vs. temperature [70F2]. ~,(300K)=392~10-6cm3mol-1. A sharp change occurs around 43 K. The anomaly at 250 K is possibly due to a Kondo effect [Sl D I]. Land&-Biirnstein New Series III/19fl 20 40 60 80 kOe 100 H- T- Fig. 71. cl-U. Magnetization crvs. 2 K [71 F 11. 2 ms [Ref. p. 5 22 IFig. 72. Volume magnetic susceptibility xv (cgs) vs. temperature along the [lOO], [OlO] and [OOl] crystallographic directions [68 R 11. 78. 92.

2 K)rlOOO) normalized at 300K. At higher temperatures (> 8OK) there is a significant deviation from the Bloch-Griineisen law (dashed line). The normalized specific heat follows the Q/T vs. T curve to an accuracy of 1% [53 G 11. Fig. 96. Th. (a) Electrical resistivity Q vs. temperature at the atmospheric pressure and at 2 GPa. between 700 and 1300K [89 S 21. (b) shows the room-temperature resistivity up to IOGPa, and (c) the temperature coefficient of the resistivity (6~/6T)/~(300K) as a function of temperature at atmospheric pressure and at 2 GPa.

Total and partial densities of states, N(E), for (a) a-Pu and(b) &Pu, and integrated total DOS, N,,,. The partial densities correspond to the relativistic (N,,,,(E), N,,,,(E))andspin(N,,(E),N,,(E))componentsofthetotal DOS [9OS2]. Note that the spin polarization induces a broadening of the f-states in 6-Pu owing to the mixing of all these states (all f states hybridize with each other). There is also mixing between 5f,,, and Sf,,, states. U. 6 RN - Fig. 52. Pu. Dependence of the total (p,,,), spin (p,) and orbital (PJ magnetic moments for the Pu phases on the Wigner-Seitz radius, R,,,, [90 S 23.

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