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By Jules Verne

Jules Verne's vintage technological know-how fiction story sends Professor Von Hardwigg, his nephew Harry, and their consultant Hans via a crater in Iceland and into the earth. because the team explores what's less than the outer crust, they come upon many unusual and beautiful points of interest. Their travels from Iceland to Italy discover a misplaced international, striking creatures, and hazardous adventures less than us. subscribe to the trek within the Calico Illustrated Classics model of Verne's A trip to the guts of the Earth.

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I suddenly found that after walking on hard lava soil for so long, I was now walking on soft dust. It was the remains of plants and shells. I picked up a shell and showed it to my uncle. ” My uncle seemed to ignore the importance. ” I began to protest his lack of excitement over my discovery, but he said, “Yes, we have fi nally left the crust of lava. ” “I agree, except for one thing to fear,” I said. ” “Water,” I reminded him. ” My uncle said, “It can’t be helped. ” And on he went. We only had water left for three days.

Deep groans and sighs escaped my swollen lips. I fell into a faint. ” I watched as he took the gourd from his side. ” Had my ears deceived me? Was my uncle mad? Then a mouthful of water cooled my dry lips and my parched throat. It was only one mouthful, but I felt as if it brought me back to life. I clasped my uncle’s hands in thanks. “One mouthful,” he said. “It is the very last! I took care of it at the bottom of my bottle, resisting over and over to drink it. ” My uncle said, “I knew that you would fall down half dead when we reached this crossroads.

I plunged my hands into the sparkling jet and gave a loud cry. ” I cried in disappointment. “Don’t worry,” my uncle said. ” Clouds of vapor filled the tunnel. Soon, the water cooled enough that we were able to drink. We swallowed in huge mouthfuls. After I had quenched my ravenous thirst, I made a discovery. The water tasted of minerals. My uncle suggested we name the stream after its founder, Hans. “Good,” I said. ” 49 Uncle did not want to see the water wasted. I suggested we fi ll our goatskins, then plug up the hole.

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