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By John William Charles Wand

Dr Wand's vintage therapy of the early church is concise, complete and uses expert treatises. The enterprise of fabric and lucid variety make available what's now and then a posh topic. moreover, the e-book is stuffed with vignettes of well-liked personages and curious goods of information.Interesting and informative, A historical past of Early Church caters for the overall reader with an curiosity in background in addition to the spiritual reports pupil fow whom it really is largely meant.

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The writer has no diffidence as to the position of his own circle. ’ The principle of authority in the Church is strongly emphasised in the beautiful closing prayer, and the establishment of the ministry is traced back through the apostles to Christ and God. The need for unity is based not only upon the evangelical teaching but also upon the peace of God as Page 24 manifested in the order of nature, and a particular point is made of the disorder which internal disturbances bring into the customary bestowal of hospitality by the members of one church upon visitors from another.

XVIII. MONASTICISM AND THE FALL OF PAGANISM 192 Types of monasticism— Defeat of Paganism— Martin of Tours— Priscillianism— Ambrose of Milan. XIX. DIVERGENCE BETWEEN EAST AND WEST 206 Jerome and the Origenistic controversy— Chrysostom— Innocent I and Synesius— Administration in East and West. XX. NESTORIANISM AND PELAGIANISM 218 The genesis of the Nestorian heresy— Cyril and Coelestine— The Council of Ephesus— Augustine— Pelagius. XXI. THE PAPACY AND THE CHRISTOLOGICAL QUESTION 234 Innocent and Leo— Eutyches— The Council of Chalcedon.

Certainly it was to such a call that the original Christians believed themselves to be responding. They regarded themselves as the true Israel; the social element in their life was fundamental. The Church was not only a body but a corporation, which necessarily involved organisation and a law. It is indeed doubtful whether in the mind of the Jew, stored as it was with hopes of a coming Messianic Kingdom, any mere vague sentiment or disembodied ideal could ever have been received as a possible new religion.

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