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We were, for example, not satisfied whether the louse was the sole transmitting agent or whether contagion takes place also from man to man. Nicolle's statements have been fully confirmed and enlarged upon during the war . Only the louse that has sucked the blood of a patient in a certain stage of the disease can take up the causative germs, multiply them, and transmit them to healthy persons by biting them . R FRONT and not the head or crab louse, nor the flea or bedbug . It is striking that it is also the body louse that can transmit relapsing and five-day fever, to be discussed later .

It went too far. One may calmly admit that we do not have exact knowledge of the laws of epidemics . One may, admit that the rise and fall in the World War shows approximately the same curve as preceding epidemics. But such curves related always to one locality, to one region of population . Each new city, each new area and again and again presented a new, individual curve . In the World War the scenes changed constantly . New areas were created by recruits, from home and by the prisoners of foreign countries, nevertheless, the ascent and descent of the curve has not repeated itself .

The medical officers with troops (regimental and battalion surgeons) as a rule managed things easily, as did the country physicians who themselves had the responsibility of administration, and even among physicians hailing from cities, nay even among specialists there were not a few who created veritable models of institutions with the simplest and crudest means . A clear eye, energy, resourcefulness, and the ability to select the proper persons from among the motley personnel, those were the qualities that counted for success, and they were found oftener than one would have anticipated in view of the narrowly restricted professional activity of the modern physician .

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