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By James S. Grotstein

The scope of this paintings is to synopsize, synthesize, expand, and to problem Bion in a reader-friendly demeanour. featuring crucial legacy-ideas for psychoanalysis—the rules which are at the leading edge of the sector that have to be recognized through the psychological healthiness career at large—it highlights and defines the wider and deeper implications of his works.

A Beam of extreme Darkness offers Bion’s rules faithfully and likewise makes use of his principles as launching pads for the author’s conjectures approximately the place Bion's principles aspect. This comprises such principles as “the Language of Achievement”, “reverie,” “truth,” “O,” and “transformations”–in, of, and from it, but in addition “ L,” “H,” and “K” linkages (to express how Bion rerouted Freud’s instinctual drives to emotions), “container/contained", Bion’s rules on “dreaming,” “becoming,” “thoughts with out a thinker,” “the Grid,” his erasure of the excellence among Freud’s, “primary and secondary approaches “ and the “pleasure” and “reality principles,” “reversible perspective,” “shifting vertices,” “binocular vision,” “contact-barrier,” the alternative of “consciousness” and “unconsciousness” with infinity and finiteness, Bion’s use of types, his contrast among “mentalization” and “thinking,” in addition to many different goods.

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One wonders whether, in Bion’s analysis with Klein, the latter was really able to deal effectively with the trauma he had suffered—that is, in the First World War—when it was the world that was psychotic (“I died on August 8, 1918 on the Amiens–Roye Road”), his wife dying in childbirth, and so on. In other words, was the Bion some of us “knew” hidden inside a carapace of unspeakable anguish (O)? I recall Francesca Bion mentioning that someone who spoke at Bion’s Tavistock Memorial observed that “he was miles behind his face”.

He uncovered “infinite man”, who was also an incomplete man, one who, though infinite, longed to be realized in and by real human emotional experience: O as inherent pre-conception → conception—in the act of accepting (feeling) O as one’s rightful emotions. Put another way, Bion would have finite man accept and allow infinite man to become he (incarnate), finite man—as best as he can at each moment, all the while realizing the hopelessness of completing that teleological task. If this seems too dense at the moment, I promise to clarify it as I proceed.

That is why he went to the trouble of invoking so many models associated with mathematics, science, logic, and philosophy. He had become dissatisfied with the problem of communication between analysts about clinical data and was looking for a universal analogue language, a unified psychoanalytic field theory, one that was outside psychoanalytic jargon—that is, the “language of substitution”—but could supply a scientific–mathematical precision that all analysts could agree upon. Later, he would come upon the concept of the “Language of Achievement”—the primal language of emotions (Bion, 1970, p.

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