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By Ernst Dieterich and Lars Lindberg

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Duality for Nonconvex Approximation and Optimization

During this monograph the writer provides the idea of duality for nonconvex approximation in normed linear areas and nonconvex worldwide optimization in in the neighborhood convex areas. targeted proofs of effects are given, in addition to diverse illustrations. whereas some of the effects were released in mathematical journals, this can be the 1st time those effects look in ebook shape.

Lectures on the automorphism groups of Kobayashi-hyperbolic manifolds

Kobayashi-hyperbolic manifolds are an item of energetic examine in advanced geometry. during this monograph the writer offers a coherent exposition of modern effects on entire characterization of Kobayashi-hyperbolic manifolds with high-dimensional teams of holomorphic automorphisms. those type effects should be seen as complex-geometric analogues of these identified for Riemannian manifolds with high-dimensional isotropy teams, that have been greatly studied within the 1950s-70s.

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1979-10. Describe the mixed Hodge structures of superpositions of functions. 1979-11. Investigate typical singularities of the boundary of the time-like attainability domain. 1979-12. Investigate the singularities of the time of shortest bypass of an obstacle. 1979-13. Is it true that the singularities of the boundary of the attainability domain in a generic controlled system are the same as those of a generic projection of a manifold with boundary? More generally, a "parameter" in optimization problems is a choice of control from a function space (which can have a boundary or other singularities).

However, for T 2 and S2 this conjecture has not been disproved. 1981-10. Construct a bifurcation theory for optical caustics, in particular, prove that "flying saucers" caustics do not exist. 1981-11. Find a Lagrangian singularity related to the hypericosahedron group H4. 1981-12. Find the (Zariski) relations between the (Zariski) relations of swallowtails (and, in general, explore "syzygies," or "noncommutative resolvents" of the 1981-12 The Problems 45 fundamental groups of complements of algebraic hypersurfaces, associated with the sequence of complete flags of generic projections, and with generators and relations of the sequence of the fundamental groups of complements of discriminants of those projections).

1975-12. Does every real-valued function have a real Modification (with \i real critical points)? 1975-13. What is the minimal number of critical values obtained by a perturbation of a critical point of multiplicity \i with (i Morse critical points? Conjecturally it is n + 1, where n is the number of variables (or corank). 1975-14. Is the corank a topological invariant? 1975-15. What singularities can absorb Ai? split Ai off? Why is every stratum |x = const connected to the stratum A\ by a chain of strata of all codimensions?

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