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13 11:19 100 more swimming drills 3. Streamline The purpose of this drill • Learning to float tall • Eliminating drag • Creating a narrow silhouette How to do this drill Step 1: Standing with your back against a wall, extend your arms above your head. Clasp one hand over the other, so they make a point. Step 2: Squeezing your ears with your arms, reach higher with your hands. Press your hands, head, neck, shoulders, spine and legs into the wall. Step 3: Holding your position against the wall, stretch your whole body upwards.

13 11:19 100 more swimming drills Drill feedback chart Problem Modification My hand leads through- When you are transitioning from the underwater finout my recovery. ish to your recovery, lift your arm out of the water elbow first... not hand first. Practice this. It is important. When I try to let my hand Make sure your elbow is positioned higher than your trail, it drags through the shoulder during recovery, so your trailing hand will water. clear the water. It should feel as if a string is attached to your elbow and someone is pulling it upward.

My legs still sink! Some people with low body fat or high muscle content will find it harder to float downhill. If you are one of those people it is even more important for you to learn to positively affect your floating position. Practice more. You might also need to add a gentle kick, but remember that the purpose of the kick should not me to hold you up, but to move you forward, so work hard to perfect a positive float by pressing your chest downward. 13 11:19 100 more swimming drills 2. Lateral balance The purpose of this drill • Getting away from flat swimming • Learning to float well while rolling • Feeling unified power from the hips and shoulders How to do this drill Step 1: Take a big breath and float face down in the water, arms at your sides.

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